Banking Financial Services Insurance

The Banking & Financial Services Team provides a broad range of transactional, regulatory, advisory, and dispute
resolution services to banks, non-banking financial institutions, insurance companies and other financial services
providers, their trade associations, and vendors. BFSIsector is at the heart of every economy, providing the means
to help businesses expand and investors grow. Our extensive, deep sector-specific experience ensures you’re
working with a team that’s fluent in your language and understands the local market. M&H Law Chambers,LLP offers
high quality legal and transactional advice to banks, financial institutions and corporate lenders and assiststhem
with matters mentioned as under:

Syndicate Loan & External Commercial Borrowing

Debt Restructuring & Re-financing

Private Placement of Debt Notes

Special Purpose Vehicle Leverage Buyout

Project Finance

Private Placement of Debt Notes

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